Education:  The More You Put In, the More You Get Out

Pony Club Members read their manuals, complete book work to learn about caring for horses and riding, and participate in un-mounted hands on education meetings and workshops at the club and regional level.  (See the Regional Activities Tab for Regional Events) They also attend a mounted lesson program organized by their clubs and perhaps ride with outside trainers.  Younger members start with fewer activities and work their way up.  Remember that the more you put in, as appropriate to your age and rating level, the more you get out of the Pony Club program. 


​Top Five Ways to Learn All Things Pony Club

1.  Attend Un-Mounted & Mounted Meetings with Your Club:  

​Talk to your DC about the un-mounted and mounted meetings recommended for you.  The better your attendance, the more you will learn and the more friends you will make in your club and across the region.

2.  Attend Regional Events and Volunteer

Talk to your DC and other families in your club about which events are right for you.  Do you like to see an event before your participate?  Sign up to volunteer and watch and learn.  Ask Questions.  We were all new to Pony Club once.

3.  Head for Pony Club IQ online and the US Pony Club You Tube Channel

Log in to the Us Pony Club Website and find the "Local Level Certifications" Page.  There you will find the Pony Club IQ link to access articles written by vets and other experts from "The Horse."  You will also find up to date test sheets and The Standards of Proficiency sheets (SOP's) to guide your learning.  

4.  Certifications:  Read Your Manual & Understand the SOP's

​Pony Club instruction is somewhat unique in that we teach to a standard.  At a horse show, the person with the blue ribbon is only better than the other competitors that day.  In Pony Club, if you have achieved an HB certificate, that means you have mastered ALL the standards of performance for that level of achievement.  And in the professional world, horsewomen and men know what that means.
Shop Pony Club!  Click on the Pony Club Manual Image at left to shop for Manuals and Flashcards on the US Pony Club website.

5.  Other Ways to Learn:  Tutoring Tuesdays & the Pony Club Pizza Blog

Sign Up for Tutoring Tuesday Webinars like this one on EPM and learn remotely at a time and place of your own convenience.

Want to Move Along a Specialty Track?

The USPC publishes a Chart of Learning Guide to help members navigate through the various discipline tracks.