Everything But The Horse Rally


WHEN: February 19, 2017 from 8:30 am to about 12:30 pm

WHERE: Leatherdale Equine Center

WHAT: Everything But The Horse (also called Horseless) Rally is an event at which you have a team and set up stalls with all the required equipment, just like at a mounted rally, but without your horse. Everything is in miniature size so it fits in the family van really well! 

  • New or unrated members & D's.
  • C's are much needed & appreciated!  You can be C advisor for a team, or help fulfill many other positions.
  • Parents!! There are lots of volunteer roles you can help out with.


“Riders”:  Club or Scramble Teams of 3 or 4
“Stable Manager” 1 per team
“Horses” 1 horse per rider (use Breyer or other models, stuffed animals, etc. Remember, they need to come clean enough for formal inspection).
“Stalls” 1 fully equipped “shoebox” stall per horse
1 feed stall per team & 1 tack stall per team
“Equipment” See the Horse Management Handbook on the USPC website for the Overnight Rally Required Equipment List.
Be imaginative, bring all the required equipment in miniature, life size, or catalog cut out/photo/web image. Breyer equipment is allowed but homemade equipment is great!
  • Each “Rider” will “ride” a Stadium Jumping course (on foot).  (Review Show Jumping Rulebook.)
  • P.S. Take good notes from D retreat as well as studying the rules from the Horse Management Rally Rulebook!!
  • The Stable Manager will compete in the riding phases,  including jog out, tack room inspection, turn-out inspections, and turn backs.
SCRAMBLE TEAMS:  Does your club not have enough members to put a team together?? You can sign up as a Scramble team member instead!  We'll put together a team for you!

Download forms by clicking the button below.  Submit them to your DC along with your payment.

Cost:  $20 per member
LUNCH:  Lunch is not included in the entry fee. Please plan to bring your own lunch.

Ribbons will be awarded!